Friday, 17 March 2017

Welcome - Always Live Strong

Welcome to our New Blog – Always Live Strong!
What do the words “Always Live Strong” mean to me, and to the rest of team at the ALS Society of New Brunswick & Nova Scotia?

When someone is diagnosed with ALS, and when we speak about the disease, the description of the physical manifestation of ALS almost always includes the word “weak”, in some form or another.

And yet, in our day to day work, we repeatedly witness the strength of people living with ALS. Though their bodies may become weakened, their minds and souls often become stronger.
Realities which might bring the average person to their knees only serve to build an amazing capacity in people living with ALS to embrace every day, make memories, and savour moments with the people they love.   

Does this naturally occur with each person living with ALS? 
No. After all, they are only human. But after working with hundreds of individuals, and sharing with my colleagues across the country, I have to conclude that the majority of the people we serve do get 
to the point where they are able to see the joy in every day.  

Do people with ALS live this way every single day?  Of course not! There is grief, and pain, and reality that have to be addressed in order to get to this other side of the disease. I always say, “An acceptance and a decision have to be made.”
The acceptance that they are living with a terminal disease and that their time on earth is suddenly more finite.  And the decision to practice, and focus on, what is still good in their life. To choose positive thoughts over negative ones, and put a smile on their face even when they don’t feel like it.I am 55 years old and have experienced a lot of life.  But I have learned more about myself, and about life, from people LIVING STRONG with ALS than by any other influence.

Through this blog, I will share topics important to those living strong with ALS, and those that love and support them.  I will share stories from people (and their families) living with ALS in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, across our country and the world. And I will give you insight into new research and developments in the world of ALS which could make a difference in the lives of these inspiring people we call PALS (People living with ALS).
Some weeks we’ll be practical, some weeks we’ll explore the emotional side of living strong with ALS, and sometimes we’ll have a good laugh.

I hope we’ll also learn from each other. I really want to hear from you! So don’t be shy. Follow the blog and comment on each post: share your own views, your own stories, and suggestions on ideas and topics for the blog to explore further.  Lend us your experience.  Share this blog with others who would also like to learn more about ALS. 

And, if nothing else, please make a decision to Always Live Strong, no matter your life challenge.

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