Wednesday, 26 April 2017

"Option B"

Follow the link below to hear the story of how Sheryl Sandberg moved through the grieving process when her young husband died.   Sheryl's husband did not die of ALS but her story is still very powerful for anyone who has lost a loved one, as well as for those currently living with ALS.  

It is the story of how, when life throws you an unimaginable curve ball, you can still live and find JOY. How do you move on to "Option B"?

If you would like to share the story of how you found your own "Option B", or how you manage to Always Live Strong, please comment below or email me at I'd love to hear from you!

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Walk With Me

Walk with Me

I will always work on Easter Monday. It’s one of those things that’s meant to be.  On two of the last three years when I was alone in the office there has been the one call and one visit that I believe was meant to be.  Both times, it was a new diagnosis.  Both times it was someone accepting that they could not “walk” this journey alone.  Both times, it was someone reaching out with the sole purpose of confirming they were not alone.  A first step.

Here, at ALS NB & NS we are very privileged and humbled to walk this journey with many people.  Our promise – You Are Not Alone.  And we are reminded every day when we visit someone at home, when we deliver a power tilt wheelchair or a breathing machine, when we offer comfort and hope in any way, we are not alone. There are literally thousands of people who walk with us raising funds so that we can serve people with ALS.

Our single biggest fundraiser of the year is our walks in communities across New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.  ALS NB & NS is not funded by any level of government and so our walks provide crucial financial support.  We’ve changed our website/branding this year from Walk for ALS to ALS Walk Strong.

· We will walk strong for those who can’t.

· We will walk strong to help you and your family cope and come to terms with ALS.

· We will walk strong to help you and your family live your best life in the face of an ALS diagnosis.

Proceeds will support direct services like our equipment loan program to people living with ALS and support world class research happening in the Maritimes.

Thank you for your continued friendship and support.  I cannot tell you how much It means both to our staff and volunteers and most importantly to the people we serve.

Friday, 7 April 2017

Fight, Flight, or Surrender?

“Surrender” is a word that at face value has a negative connotation.  When we think of surrendering, we think of giving up, or giving in - not fighting anymore.

I would like to suggest that there are times and situations in life when the act of surrendering is not a form of giving up but of understanding and accepting what is, and what cannot be changed.

The act of surrendering requires that you accept you have no control over what is happening to you.   But actually, do you gain control by surrendering?  Can surrendering in some situations bring you peace, replenish the energy you were using to fight, and allow you to be present in the moment?

Sometimes the act of surrendering allows you to be open to your new situation in life (even when the situation is not one that you would choose) and accept with joy the people that will enter your life, the help that will come that you didn’t even know was out there, and the new experiences that would not have materialized if all of your energy was being used in fighting.

Something to think about as all of us, no matter our challenges, continue to ALWAYS LIVE STRONG.